NovaPad® - cushion

NovaPad® - cushion

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Size: The NovaPad - Cushion is available in 2 sizes (please select on top)
Size L is suitable for persons of 145 cm - 175-cm body length. Size: 38 x 38 x 7 cm.
Size XL is suitable for persons of 175 cm - 210-cm body length. Size: 42 x 42 x 12 cm.

The cushion slip is washable at 40 degrees in the washing machine. The NovaPad - cushion ist extremely long-lasting and solvent-free and manufactured environmentally friendly.

The Nova Pad® cushion works right from the start and has an especially positive effect on the main motor movements ( bending and stretching ) and on the smaller rotational movements of the spine, the pelvis and hip joints, and the sacroiliac joint. This successfully prevents the occurrence of both a provoked, permanently tilted pelvis position ( extension position ) and premature fatigue of the muscles and ligament system. The spinal cord (medulla) and afterbrain ( medulla oblongata ) show an especially positive response to the change in posture, which also prevents premature feelings of tiredness. One direct result is an increase in concentration during work. The Nova Pad® cushion stimulates the necessary manoeuvrability in the pelvic and lumbar regions, and regulates and corrects every change to the sitting position. The continuous and uncomplicated shifting of axial emphasis on the pelvis permanently relieves the pressure strain on the sciatica, successfully preventing any sciatic pain even when the user remains seated for extended periods. The pelvis is brought into an ideal position as soon as the user sits down on the Nova Pad® cushion. All subsequent movements of the body when seated and, later, when standing up are immediately impacted by this positive change. Thus every movement is passed on effectively from head to toe right from the start.

Sitting properly
It does not matter whether you have a “spinal disc” problem, other back problems or just want to take preventive measures to safeguard your health: Nova Pad® cushion protects your body from the “overloading” that can occur from sitting. Nova Pad® cushion promotes and preserves the functions of the spinal and pelvic joints whilst effectively including the corresponding muscle groups in the process. Because of this, headaches and pains in the back, neck, shoulders, buttocks and legs can be reduced or avoided. Sitting on a Nova Pad® cushion effectively prevents muscle tenseness in the neck, shoulder girdle, back, thorax and legs. The normotonus ( normal muscle tone ) is installed or maintained in each particular muscle.

Prophylaxis / Preventive Health
Care Nova Pad® cushion is not a pseudo training gadget such as , for instance, a seat wedge, a ball cushion, spinning seat, kneeling stool or kneeling chair, none of which are even used in modern physiotherapy. One can also say that physiotherapists, too, were very much mistaken in the use of these well-known products. These products do not have any neuro-functional use – in fact, they have a negative effect on the user. Today we are wiser and must apologise for our false evaluation. A specialists research text is available on our webpage – for those who wish to delve deeper into this material.

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